Nick’s Story

Nick Price, a talented soccer player in Charleston, SC, was diagnosed a with pontine glioma brain tumor on January 29, 2015. This is a very complex, hard-to-reach tumor in the pons area of the brainstem. The family traveled the country meeting with several different facilities and neurosurgeons trying to find someone who could get to the tumor without causing severe neurological deficits or worse. This part of the brain controls several vital functions of the body including heartbeat, voice, eyes, arms, legs, swallowing and breathing.
After getting several medical opinions, most of which said the tumor was inoperable, the family decided to let top surgeons at Barrow Neurological in Phoenix, AZ remove the tumor.  The Price’s live in Charleston, SC, so they traveled across the country to have the surgery.  Drs. Nader Sanai and Robert Spetzler were confident they could get to the tumor and try to remove it.  They assured the family they would only get what they could while they were in there.  On June 18, 2015, his surgeons safely removed the tumor after an unsuccessful first surgery. Three weeks later Nick was back on the soccer field.  He had vision problems and weakness (he lost 20 lbs of muscle) from the surgery he needed to work through but after six months Nick had no deficits at all.  He is now 100% and stronger than he has ever been.
Nick decided to start his own foundation to help others that have been given the devastating diagnosis of brain tumor and cancer!  He was so inspired by how others helped him that he wanted to do something to give back.  He wanted to pay it forward so he started the Nick Price Foundation!  He has written many checks from his foundation to help sick children and adults battling brain tumors and cancer.

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The story behind #NP17

Nick worked hard at soccer for years and it was his dream to one day be able to play soccer for his high school. Three days before high school soccer tryouts in January, Nick was diagnosed with his tumor. He was devastated and didn’t know if this would be held against him and not make the team. He pushed through and went to tryouts anyway because he also knew there was a chance he would never play again after the surgery because the physical outcome looked so bleak at the time. He was told he would probably be paralyzed or worse. Nick was hoping to at least make the JV team but Nick was crazy excited when he found out that he made the varsity team as a freshman. That one thing gave him the courage to stand strong and move forward despite what he was going through. When he was given his uniform, he was assigned the number 17. One day, he came up to his mom and said he decided to look up the meaning of number 17 on the internet. He told her what he found with a big grin on his face. He found that the biblical meaning of number 17 meant “overcoming the enemy” and “complete victory”. How crazy and fitting was that?! It was one of the many signs on this journey that kept telling Nick that he was going to be okay. Then, local youth soccer players started writing NP17 on their arms during soccer games and it spread from there. NP17 became a symbol of support for Nick. It was all over social medial where people kept posting #NP17, it was on the bracelets everyone bought and Mount Pleasant Recreation Department even put it on the soccer jerseys of all the teams! 

Help Raise Awareness with #NP17 on social media!

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"Hang in there Nick! You're a strong young man. We're praying for you!"

− Sean A.

"Inspiration to us all. Keep up the fight kid!"

− Mike H.

"Nick, keep smiling! I am thinking of you every day. You can do this! We're all on your side."

− Shannon D.

Help raise awareness using #NP17

What is Glioma?

A glioma is a type of tumor that starts in the brain or spine. It is called a glioma because it arises from glial cells. The most common site of gliomas is the brain. Gliomas make up about 30% of all brain and central nervous system tumors and 80% of all malignant brain tumors

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